Cerchiamo Pizzaioli

Please do not think of us as being rude.

We would be more than glad to welcome you to visit us for lunch or dinner on us, but when it comes to work we are very specific and focused.

We would like to be straight to the point to not waste your time and our time.

Do not apply if you are not fluent in English.

We do NOT offer lodging. But we can assist you in finding your own place to live.

We do not care about skin colour, sexual orientation, where you come from, who you are, whether you this or that.  We employ human beings who are altruistic, kind, humble and dedicated with an extreme passion to their work.

If you are cool with these two points, read on.

We are looking for two pizzaioli (male or female) to replace the Pizzaiolo who is moving to our new location.  You need to be scrupulously clean, super-efficient and have an eye for detail.

Most “average” pizzaioli cannot handle the level of detail and precision we put in our work.  As a pizzeria we have been ranked one of the top 40 in the world.

So you have to appreciate our standards are very high. Extremely high.

On average we pay around 2,000 euros a month plus tips which can add more than 25% on top of that. 

Money is not an issue.  We pay whatever it takes to get the best people, most responsible people and most reliable people.

We require references from three previous employers.

Your job would be simply to open the dough, put the condiments and cook in the wood fired oven.  It is not rocket science. It requires basic skills but those skills have to be perfect.  If you are able to do kitchen work as well (10% of our orders are basic salad and pasta dishes) then that is even better.

In addition, if you can carry out other work besides this, you get paid more

We pay for every hour, every minute that you work.

We are ethical and responsible.  We expect the same.

Kindly send us the following via email (psrgrouhr@gmail.com):

1. A covering letter explaining to us why we should choose you, your experience, skills, knowledge and competences.  None of us are perfect so you should tell us your shortcomings too.

2. A copy of EU standard CV

3. List of three professional references, preferably the last three employers.

No Messenger, no Whatsup, no other media will be used.  So please refrain from sending any private messages.

Location: Malta

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+356 99100110


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