forno per pizza Spice Caliente

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Iscritto: 20/07/2020
forno per pizza Spice Caliente

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Iscritto: 21/07/2020
special electric oven for

special electric oven for pizza, designed and built with a cooking surface in pure refractory stone (32cm diameter) to obtain the result of cooking pizza at home with the same stone as the wood oven. It cooks in just 5 minutes any type of pizza, calzoni etc ... It does not smoke or smell bad. Equipped with temperature regulation thermostat, internal steel cap, indicator light and recipe book. The SPICE CALIENTE Pizza oven is not only special for pizza but it cooks any type of food such as savory pies, meat, toast, chestnuts etc ... (taking care to use an aluminum tray to prevent the stone it becomes dirty) just like a traditional electric oven. It is fast and compact; cooks a pizza in 5 minutes and a frozen pizza in 3 minutes allowing a significant energy saving compared to traditional ovens. The refractory stone is the same as the pizza ovens in pizzerias: it absorbs the humidity of the pizza dough, the pizza does not stick and is more fragrant. Power 1200W.