Would it have NY style characteristics?

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Iscritto: 22/06/2018
Would it have NY style characteristics?


I've been having problems making a perfectly circular pizza.  I realize that will take some time and practice.  However, recently I've been trying to make pizzas that are exactly 15.5 inches in diameter.  I want to max out my pizza stone's diameter.  Last night I made one that probably pushed close to 16 inches.  Certain parts were hanging over the stone and they caused the pizza to be a bit misshapen and deformed looking.  I normally form a dough by flouring it and then pulling with my fists along the circumference of the dough.  This allows me to stretch out the pizza without thinning out the middle too much.  Normally I try to avoid touching the rim to it keeps some size.I'm curious if anyone has any tips/tricks to getting a perfectly shaped and sized pizza.  I'm thinking about making some marks on my pizza peel so I know how far I can stretch it out.

I also have a 17 inch pizza screen but I haven't tried a NY style recipe on it b/c I still want to enjoy using the stone.  I've heard of some people baking on the screen and then switching to the stone but with my 17 inch situation I can't imagine having 1.5 inch hang off on each side.  This brings up another idea - what would the result be if I made a 17 inch Lehmann dough on my screen and baked in the lowest oven rack at 500 degrees.  Would it have NY style characteristics?

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