Dough Press Problems

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Iscritto: 02/08/2018
Dough Press Problems


At the pizzaria where i work, we use our hands and a dough roller machine to make crusts. My boss found a doughpro DP1100 dough press and he wants me to get it working so we can make crusts faster. I have been having a problem where every time i try to press a doughball it comes out with holes in it. I have been using a temperature of 150F, and have tried both proofed dough and dough straight out of the fridge and i get the same problem. Can anyone give me any advice?

Any help will be apprecited.

Thank you.


Iscritto: 03/07/2013
I tuoi panetti (doughballs)

I tuoi panetti (doughballs) sono troppo rigidi. You need more time after doughrounding. Sorry, but it's difficoult for me to explain it in english....